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of Eat
of Eat
v. t. To chew and swallow as food; to devour; -- said especially of food not liquid; as, to eat bread.
v. t. To corrode, as metal, by rust; to consume the flesh, as a cancer; to waste or wear away; to destroy gradually; to cause to disappear.
v. i. To take food; to feed; especially, to take solid, in distinction from liquid, food; to board.
v. i. To taste or relish; as, it eats like tender beef.
v. i. To make one's way slowly.

Crossword clues for eat

- ... drink & be merry
- ..., drink and be merry
- A cereal
- Be humiliated, ... humble pie
- Bother swallow
- Chew
- Chew and swallow
- Chew and swallow food
- Consume
- Consume a little sea trout
- Consume as sustenance
- Consume every second repast
- Consume food
- Consume most of meat
- Consume properly brewed tea
- Corrode
- Corrode, ... away at
- Corrode, ... into
- Devour
- Dine
- Don’t go fast!
- Even pedants have food
- Feed on
- Finish fast
- Gobble
- Graze
- Have a date, perhaps?
- Have a meal
- Have a snack – repast, even
- Have dessert
- help yourself
- Ingest
- Led off, elated to have a meal
- Make a meal of each little thickhead
- masticate
- Memoir, ..., Pray, Love
- Munch
- Partake of food
- Pig out
- Put in the mouth and swallow
- Scoff at following English leader
- Take food
- Take in food
- To havea meal
- We can’t even have a snack!
- We cant even have a meal
- Wear away
- What you are expected to do at every other repast
- Wolf down

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