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hoard definition and meaning

a. White, or grayish white; as, hoar frost; hoar cliffs.
a. Gray or white with age; hoary.
a. Musty; moldy; stale.
n. Hoariness; antiquity.
v. t. To become moldy or musty.
n. See Hoarding, 2.
n. A store, stock, or quantity of anything accumulated or laid up; a hidden supply; a treasure; as, a hoard of provisions; a hoard of money.
v. t. To collect and lay up; to amass and deposit in secret; to store secretly, or for the sake of keeping and accumulating; as, to hoard grain.
v. i. To lay up a store or hoard, as of money.

Crossword clues for hoard

- White as frost
- White with age
- A store laid by
- Amass great crowd, say 
- Amass stock
- Be miserly
- Cache
- Hard to keep duck in store
- Hard-to-hold duck kept in secret stash
- Nothing in hard cash stockpile
- Put by
- Secret stash
- Secret store
- Squirrel away
- Stash
- Stockpile
- Store away greedily
- Store for later
- Store selfishly
- Store up

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