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Word meaning hood

interj. See Ho.
interj. Hurrah! -- an exclamation of triumphant joy.
n. State; condition.
n. A covering or garment for the head or the head and shoulders, often attached to the body garment
n. A soft covering for the head, worn by women, which leaves only the face exposed.
n. A part of a monk's outer garment, with which he covers his head; a cowl.
n. A like appendage to a cloak or loose overcoat, that may be drawn up over the head at pleasure.
n. An ornamental fold at the back of an academic gown or ecclesiastical vestment; as, a master's hood.
n. A covering for a horse's head.
n. A covering for a hawk's head and eyes. See Illust. of Falcon.
n. Anything resembling a hood in form or use
n. The top or head of a carriage.
n. A chimney top, often contrived to secure a constant draught by turning with the wind.
n. A projecting cover above a hearth, forming the upper part of the fireplace, and confining the smoke to the flue.
n. The top of a pump.
n. A covering for a mortar.
n. The hood-shaped upper petal of some flowers, as of monkshood; -- called also helmet.
n. A covering or porch for a companion hatch.
n. The endmost plank of a strake which reaches the stem or stern.
v. t. To cover with a hood; to furnish with a hood or hood-shaped appendage.
v. t. To cover; to hide; to blind.

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