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income definition and meaning

n. A coming in; entrance; admittance; ingress; infusion.
n. That which is caused to enter; inspiration; influence; hence, courage or zeal imparted.
n. That gain which proceeds from labor, business, property, or capital of any kind, as the produce of a farm, the rent of houses, the proceeds of professional business, the profits of commerce or of occupation, or the interest of money or stock in funds, etc.; revenue; receipts; salary; especially, the annual receipts of a private person, or a corporation, from property; as, a large income.
n. That which is taken into the body as food; the ingesta; -- sometimes restricted to the nutritive, or digestible, portion of the food. See Food. Opposed to output.

Crossword clues for income

- Capital returns
- Financial gain
- Gross earnings
- Money earned
- Money gained by work or investment
- Money obtained from work and investment
- Receipts
- Revenue
- Salary wages
- Taxable means

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