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p. a. Established; organized; founded.
v. t. To set up; to establish; to ordain; as, to institute laws, rules, etc.
v. t. To originate and establish; to found; to organize; as, to institute a court, or a society.
v. t. To nominate; to appoint.
v. t. To begin; to commence; to set on foot; as, to institute an inquiry; to institute a suit.
v. t. To ground or establish in principles and rudiments; to educate; to instruct.
v. t. To invest with the spiritual charge of a benefice, or the care of souls.
a. The act of instituting; institution.
a. That which is instituted, established, or fixed, as a law, habit, or custom.
a. Hence: An elementary and necessary principle; a precept, maxim, or rule, recognized as established and authoritative; usually in the plural, a collection of such principles and precepts; esp., a comprehensive summary of legal principles and decisions; as, the Institutes of Justinian; Coke's Institutes of the Laws of England. Cf. Digest, n.
n. An institution; a society established for the promotion of learning, art, science, etc.; a college; as, the Institute of Technology; also, a building owned or occupied by such an institute; as, the Cooper Institute.
n. The person to whom an estate is first given by destination or limitation.

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- Establish
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