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inverse definition and meaning

a. Opposite in order, relation, or effect; reversed; inverted; reciprocal; -- opposed to direct.
a. Inverted; having a position or mode of attachment the reverse of that which is usual.
a. Opposite in nature and effect; -- said with reference to any two operations, which, when both are performed in succession upon any quantity, reproduce that quantity; as, multiplication is the inverse operation to division. The symbol of an inverse operation is the symbol of the direct operation with -1 as an index. Thus sin-1 x means the arc whose sine is x.
n. That which is inverse.

Crossword clues for inverse

- Contrary in position
- Flip side
- It’s the opposite in poetry
- It’s the opposite in stanza
- Opposite
- Reciprocal
- Turned upside down
- Upside down

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