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v. i. To send out leaves; to leaf; -- often with out.
v. t. To raise; to levy.
n. Liberty granted by which restraint or illegality is removed; permission; allowance; license.
n. The act of leaving or departing; a formal parting; a leaving; farewell; adieu; -- used chiefly in the phrase, to take leave, i. e., literally, to take permission to go.
v. To withdraw one's self from; to go away from; to depart from; as, to leave the house.
v. To let remain unremoved or undone; to let stay or continue, in distinction from what is removed or changed.
v. To cease from; to desist from; to abstain from.
v. To desert; to abandon; to forsake; hence, to give up; to relinquish.
v. To let be or do without interference; as, I left him to his reflections; I leave my hearers to judge.
v. To put; to place; to deposit; to deliver; to commit; to submit -- with a sense of withdrawing one's self from; as, leave your hat in the hall; we left our cards; to leave the matter to arbitrators.
v. To have remaining at death; hence, to bequeath; as, he left a large estate; he left a good name; he left a legacy to his niece.
v. i. To depart; to set out.
v. i. To cease; to desist; to leave off.

Crossword clues for leave

- Abandon
- Depart
- Desert
- Fly out
- Go
- Go away
- Go away from
- Go off
- Go sway
- Hit the road
- Holiday
- Holiday entitlement
- Make off
- Make one's departure
- Make tracks
- Make tracks in desert
- Move out
- Set out to have time off
- Slip away
- Storm out
- Take off
- the act of departing politely
- The L of AWOL
- Time off work
- Vacation
- Withdraw
- Yearly holidays, annual ...

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