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opiated definition and meaning

n. Originally, a medicine of a thicker consistence than sirup, prepared with opium.
n. Any medicine that contains opium, and has the quality of inducing sleep or repose; a narcotic.
n. Anything which induces rest or inaction; that which quiets uneasiness.
a. Inducing sleep; somniferous; narcotic; hence, anodyne; causing rest, dullness, or inaction; as, the opiate rod of Hermes.
v. t. To subject to the influence of an opiate; to put to sleep.
a. Mixed with opiates.
a. Under the influence of opiates.

Crossword clues for opiated

- A drug
- Drug I swallowed after surgical procedure
- Drug with an opium base
- Drug with narcotic effects
- In Utopia, tedium caused by narcotic
- Narcotic
- Narcotic drug called OP8
- pain killing drug
- Sedative drug
- Sleeping pill
- Soporific
- Type of drug

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