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sepia definition and meaning

n. The common European cuttlefish.
n. A genus comprising the common cuttlefish and numerous similar species. See Illustr. under Cuttlefish.
n. A pigment prepared from the ink, or black secretion, of the sepia, or cuttlefish. Treated with caustic potash, it has a rich brown color; and this mixed with a red forms Roman sepia. Cf. India ink, under India.
a. Of a dark brown color, with a little red in its composition; also, made of, or done in, sepia.

Crossword clues for sepia

- A pigment
- Aged photo tone
- Antique photo tint
- Antique photo's tint
- As pie cooked it turned brown
- Brown coloured photo
- Brown film colour
- Brown image
- Brown photo colour
- Brown photo shade
- Brown photograph
- Brown pigment
- Brown, Private Investigator, found in sea
- Brownish colour
- Chose piano that incorporates brown shade
- Cuttlefish ink
- Dark brown
- Fine brown colour
- Old photo colour
- Reddish-brown pigment
- Squid ink

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