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Word meaning sere

a. [OE. seer, AS. sear (assumed) fr. searian to wither; akin to D. zoor dry, LG. soor, OHG. sor/n to to wither, Gr. a"y`ein to parch, to dry, Skr. /ush (for sush) to dry, to wither, Zend hush to dry. Ã152. Cf. Austere, Sorrel, a.] Dry; withered; no longer green; -- applied to leaves.
a. Dry; withered. Same as Sear.
n. Claw; talon.

Crossword clues for sere

- Dried out
- Dried-up
- Dry and withered
- Shrivelled
- Very dry
- Withered

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