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slam definition and meaning

v. t. To shut with force and a loud noise; to bang; as, he slammed the door.
v. t. To put in or on some place with force and loud noise; -- usually with down; as, to slam a trunk down on the pavement.
v. t. To strike with some implement with force; hence, to beat or cuff.
v. t. To strike down; to slaughter.
v. t. To defeat (opponents at cards) by winning all the tricks of a deal or a hand.
v. i. To come or swing against something, or to shut, with sudden force so as to produce a shock and noise; as, a door or shutter slams.
n. The act of one who, or that which, slams.
n. The shock and noise produced in slamming.
n. Winning all the tricks of a deal.
n. The refuse of alum works.

Crossword clues for slam

- A bat
- Aspersion
- Close angrily
- Close noisily
- Close with a bang
- Crash (into)
- Criticise harshly? It’s grand in tennis or golf
- Criticise severely
- Dis
- Harshly criticise grand sporting achievement
- Hit hard
- Shut hard

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